The most Trusted Identity

on the Internet protecting your personal data to encrypt your Facebook, Twitter and G+ Wall Postings bringing encrypted messaging to everyday communication

WISeID Social app and its website are allowing users to encrypt their Facebook wall since 2010 and was the first app providing this service. Now WISeID Social can also encrypt G+ wall postings, SMS and Tweets, allowing privacy over any communication service, even open social networks. The transmitted text and wall posting cannot be decrypted without an “access key”. You set the key and share the access key with your friends by a different channel so they use it to decrypt their walls.

Participation on the web and in social networks puts us all at risk of personal data theft. Hackers have infiltrated scores of networks by gathering innocuous details about all of us that flows freely on the web, and using that information deceptively. Encrypting personal messages is one means to help protect our details from eavesdropping, phishing, and other deceptions. Encrypting private correspondence on social networks can also protect your personal information from being involuntarily used for advertising. With WISeID the information is converted from its recognizable format into a code that cannot be read without applying a complex algorithm to decrypt it. WISeID Social encryption is part of the Right to Disappear Online international campaign launched by WISeKey and The International Organization for Secure Electronic Transactions OISTE.ORG with the objective to return the control of personal data to the users.