WISeKey and Kasperskey Lab

Kaspersky mobile security adds advanced anti-malware functionality to your mobile device. This security feature ensures the protection of mobile devices against known and new threats, unsolicited calls and text messages, and block access to dangerous and phishing websites.

Kaspersky Lab award-winning anti-malware technology and provide unparalleled reliability.

Check online the security status monitoring

WISeID - Keep your personal data protected

WISeKey's WISeID offers a secured storage to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Protecting your PII is important to avoid impersonation and identity theft. The personal data that you save in WISeID always stays under your control, is encrypted with strong keys derived from a password that you choose and only you know, and is never communicated to third parties.


Secure the connection to back-end resources with the Web & Network Protection features.

Multiple Devices

Protect the device from malware and other runtime level attacks using the Device Protection.

Securing Email

FREE X.509 digital ID credentials for securing emails.


Protect the application from modification and re-packaging with the Self-Defense component.

Safe security

Secure the data from interception and tampering by using the Data Protection feature.


Assess the device using the Risk Detection to identify potential risks or other suspicious device behavior.

Cloud Storage

$19.99 per year

  • 3GB Cloud Storage for 1 year
  • Multi-device Sync for 1 year
  • Multi-platform support: Android, iOS