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Tips & Tricks to Using WISeID

1. What is KEY CODE and Master Password?

1.KEY CODE: Used to protect your data, it is shown in Setting screen in the app. It is set up when you use app at the first time. You can reset your KEY CODE if you enter 5 times an incorrect Key Code, but all your data will be lost.
2.Master Password: includes Text Password, Partern, Smart Card or Watch, Touch ID, Face Recognition, it’s used to authenticate yourself in the app and access your data. You can change Master Password from the Settings screen.

2.What should I do before upgrading app?

1. Make sure that you have a WISeID account. If you don’t have a WISeID account, you need to create a new account within the WISeID app, following the SIGN UP screens.
2. Login WISeID app with your user name and password.
3. If you have a Master Password, make sure that you remember it. After upgrading to new version => it called old Master Password
4. If you synced/ backed up with Dropbox or Cloud then you have a database on the Dropbox or Cloud with backup’s Master Password.
5. Make sure that you sync/ backup with Cloud or sync/restore with Dropbox before upgrade to new version.
6. If you do not sync your data, you can open app, go to Settings / Support / Send Database.

3. How to upgrade app?

1. Install new version (V6.0.1 and the next versions) from Store
2. Re-login with your user name and password.
3. Input your old Master Password or backup's Master Password if you get the following messages:
+ "The master password of your data is now required"
+ "You already reset the KEYCODE and database from other device. Please enter your KEYCODE on cloud."
+ "Please enter your KEYCODE on cloud."
+ “You already have a database stored in your personal cloud. To recover it in this device you must enter the KEYCODE that was generated when you created your account. If you don't remember your KEYCODE, your data could be lost. If you use WISeID in another device, you can see your KEYCODE using the Settings option. Your data can be reset after entering an incorrect KEYCODE 5 times."
4. Setup new Master Password in the AUTHENTICATION screen => Now it is your Master Password
5. Go to the Main screen.
6. If you got one of the messages above => You should input your old Master Password or backup's Master Password
7. Now your KEYCODE is shown in the Settings screen.
8. You should remember that the KEYCODE is used to open your database and the Master Password is used to authenticate your app.

4. What should I do if I haven’t synced my data with Cloud before upgrading to new version?

1. If you haven’t synced to Cloud, but you synced to Dropbox in the previous version. Please go to Dropbox dashboard on website, click to Files / WISeID and send file wiseiddata.bkup to us. Please send us username/password, your Master Password and your backup's Master Password.
2. If you haven’t synced your data, you can open app, go to Settings / Support / Send Database.

5. How to Update Promotion Code to get 1 month free Cloud Storage?

1. Open
2. Login with your account
3. Scroll to the bottom "Promotion Code" and enter code 'WISEID6', then you can get a month free bonus

Tips & Tricks to Using WISeID

Secure Passwords

If you choose a password because you want it to be easy to remember password, like your dog’s name, there is a really good chance that someone who knows relatively little about you could find out what it is. Any word you can find in a dictionary is also a danger. However, the benefit of WISeID is that you can store all your highly-secure, very-hard-to-remember passwords in the app, and then you need only commit one highly secure password to memory. That is the KEYCODE for access to WISeID.

Digital IDs

WISeKey's Certify ID Personal ID (or eID) is a digital ID or certificate that allows an individual to identify, authenticate, and securely encrypt communications with non-refutable digital signatures. The idea of a digital ID is to associate the identity of a person with a digital identity, like a passport to be used on the Internet. A digital ID enables you to:

  • Create digital signatures on email, ensuring message integrity and authenticity
  • Send and receive confidential information that only you can decrypt and read
  • Increase security by replacing passwords with eID authentication for PKI enabled applications

Why do I need to register?
You need to create an account to user app and backup your data to WISeKey Cloud.

Trust Level

In the physical world, if you apply for a license to drive, national ID card, or other sort of official identification, you go personally to register and there are means to verify that you are who you say your are. In the digital world, we want to have digital IDs that can offer the same level of guarantee to the authenticity of the individual ID holder. So, WISeID has established the concept of Trust Level to indicate to others the confidence of your identity. You can choose how much information you would like to share, and based on this information, we can better verify that you are who you say you are.

  • 10%: Complete the Profile, which you can do manually or by importing details from Facebook
  • 10% to 60%: Add valid items such as: Passwords, Frequent Flyer
  • 20%: Register with CertifyID
  • 10%: Adding a digital certificate

About the App

If you don't set a password then all your data will be accessible to anyone who opens WISeID on your device. If you decide to set a password in the future then use the menu button at top left:
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Authentication
3. Tap Change Password
4. Enter your Password
5. Then go to the next screen, and set a new master password.

How to reset your password
The recall password function can be used to reset your password. We also support other ways to help you.
Open your browser and open the following link to reset your password:
If the email which you had initially used is invalid, or no longer available, then you can use another email to create an account, your data is still there.

How to create a new account
There are two ways to create your Wisekey Account
1, Open your browser and go to the link:
2, You can also create a new account within the WISeID app
To complete the registration process, verify your email account by clicking the link in the verification email that you will you receive.

I have been using the app for a while but I can’t see my data because it asks me for a CertifyID/WISeKey account, what do I do?"
Simply create an account using your email and a chosen password. You only have to do this once, and then you will be able to see all the data you have within the app. If you are offline, then this screen won’t appear and you can still access your data.

I forgot my WISeID KEYCODE; can WISeKey help me retrieve it?
It may be surprising to discover that WISeKey cannot help retrieve any information, including your KEYCODE, should it be lost. This is simply because, in order to truly secure your information, it is only stored encrypted on your mobile device (or on the cloud if you enable that feature). None of the WISeID data you enter, including your KEYCODE, is ever sent to WISeKey. For the most secure system, your KEYCODE is the only key that can unlock the encrypted data on your phone. For that reason, your data cannot be retrieved without it.

How do I logon to websites with one click?
The WISeID Categories for Password, Frequent Flier each record the website address (URL), account username, and password. After you Save a new entry, you can access the website logon screen directly through the WISeID web browser without entering any additional information.

For an item, I need to store more information than the options provided. What should I do?

For an item, I need to store more information than the options provided. What should I do?
When creating or editing an item, select Add Fields > to define your own parameters.

Is WISeID available in other languages?
Currently, WISeID is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.